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Kauseway Migration Services aims to assist students with Careers Guidance, University Selections, University Admissions (Direct, postgraduate and UCAS applications), Vocational Courses (both short and long term) as well as Student Visa and Permanent Resident Permits. Our company has been in the field of student recruitment for over a significant period of time and we offer students expert advice on university admissions and especially student visa guidance.


We aim at providing the students with a range of program choices within various academic institutions around the globe.   Given the caliber of the human resource in our offices, we ensure that we select the best institutions in terms of academic entrance requirements for our students.


We have well trained staff that provides impartial career counseling to students who require career guidance. Our Program Counselors are graduates from various universities and are undergoing a training program from time to time. We organize and participate in exhibitions and education fairs in major African cities, in consultation with the institutions we represent, to enable us to promote them as effectively as possible.


Our brand new academic department is headed by the former senior counselor of one of Kenya’s most reputable student recruitment company and hosts weekly presentations on: Clearing Process, Personal Statements Guidance, Mock Interviews, Study Skills, Exam Stress Management, Information is also available on IELTS, Visa Guidance , Pre- departure Briefing and many more!